Reiki 30min for $30 sessions. Reiki with jacquelyn hawaii kai honolulu


  1. This was my first session of Reiki and it was an enlightening, relaxing and healing experience.  Jacquelyn was very down to earth and took the time to explain Reiki and some of what I should expect.  I have had Lupus for years and struggle with maintaining balance between the stressors in my life and my health, during the session I could literally feel that balance being restored.  I am excited to find this healing modality as years of medications, massage, and positive thinking have not seemed to quite get my health in check.  I will definitely be going back to Reiki with Jacquelyn, she made me feel comfortable and centered.  I highly recommend her practice…
    Tepa Y.
  2. Jacquelyn was amazing!! She was so perceptive to my body and went the extra mile to make sure I received the healing that I needed. I was so touched by her kindness. She's an incredible soul that truly just wants to help. I felt the best I had felt in months after seeing her. A true gem!
    Malina H.
  3. I went in for a Reiki session for myself and my infant daughter. She was amazing.
    Dennis C.
  4. This was a very blissful experience and has since continually helped to assist me in progressing on my personal journey.
    Jacomo C.
  5. I truly enjoyed and benefited from my reiki sessions with Jacquelyn. She was incredibly warm and professional. From the first session onward I felt very comfortable during our sessions and always felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and uplifted after them. I would recommend her to anyone for physical, mental or emotional stressors or pains. She was truly was meant to do this work!
    Natasha S.
  6. Enlightening, grounding, and very pleasant. I was comfortable the whole time. Well spoken and give directions clearly.
    Corie D.
  7. I have had a few sessions with Jacquelyn. She is great. The space is great. The Reiki is great. I have gone to other reiki practitioners and not felt anything and even fell asleep. That was not the case with Jacquelyn. You can literally feel the energy coming from her hands. She is good at talking with you before and after to make sure you understand your experience which for me other reiki healers have lacked in the past. You get the sense that she genuinely cares and wants to help. I plan on going again soon. There is plenty of free parking and it is wheelchair accessible. I recommend her to anyone looking to clear any past blockages, relieve stress, speed up recovery, better your overall health.
  8. That Reiki session changed my life! Thank you from my inner soul!
  9. I have had three sessions with Jackie and recommend her whole heartedly to anyone that understands the positive benefits of energy treatment.
    James R.